Teddy Share

We create bears that share with children around the world - click to learn more Meet Plumpy & Nut! Listen to the popular family band, Laughing Pizza's, song about how these two help give kids nourishment around the world - click to meet the FEED bears Proceeds from FEED Bears provide Plumpy'Nut® treatments for severely malnourished children - click to learn more Share a hug with a child by giving twice! With every purchase of Teddy for 2 Bear, an identical bear is given to a hospitalized child - click to shop now Give to those you love & those in need this holiday season with the gift of a Teddy Share Bear - click to shop now Coming in 2012! The FEED USA Bear - the newest Teddy Share and FEED Projects collaboration - click to shop now

See our bears and learn more about the support they give to children around the world.


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